Top Things to Consider When Paying for Car Shipping from Washington to Oregon

When you are paying for a car shipping service, it’s very important to make sure that you hire the right company. There are a lot of complicated aspects to car shipping and it’s something that needs to be reviewed carefully when you are going to be spending money on a car shipping from Washington to Oregon service. Below, you will find the top things to consider throughout this process.

Does the company have a federal car shipping license?

In order to ship a vehicle into the United States or into the United Kingdom, you must have a federal car shipping license. Many people think that they can cut costs by shipping their vehicle themselves, but in actuality, you are just going to get yourself into legal trouble. Having a federal car shipping license is a necessity in order to take vehicles in or out of the country. By hiring a business to do this process for you, you can get it done quickly and professionally, without having to face any legal trouble.

Shipping insurance

Shipping insurance is another aspect of car shipping from Washington to Oregon, that needs to be considered. Regardless of how many years the company you have hired has been providing the service, or how professional they may be, it is still essential to pay for shipping insurance. What this does, is it protects your vehicle in case of negligence from the company providing the shipping service. If the employees are negligent with your vehicle, if the vehicle is placed outside while harsh weather conditions are able to damage the vehicle, or of any other conditions lead to damage on your car, shipping insurance can provide the much-needed protection that you need. A shipping insurance company will make sure that you are compensated for the damages. Some car shipping companies can provide shipping insurance for you, or you may need to consult with an outside resource in order to obtain this.

How does their pricing compared to other companies?

Comparison research is the process of comparing the prices between one company to the prices of another company. It’s very important to compare the pricing that you get on car shipping from Washington to Oregon between multiple different businesses, so that you can see which company provides lowest price. Doing this with a car shipping service is very important and it’s something that you need to place priority on. You do not want to overpay for the car shipping service and looking around and finding the lowest cost provider is a great way to save money.

Will your car be protected?

Some car shipping companies can provide additional services such as freight shipping, where your car will be fully protected throughout the shipping process. You may want to consider this if you are not paying for shipping insurance. Anything extra that you can do to protect the safety of your vehicle is definitely worthwhile and worth your investment. You may have to talk with the car shipping companies about what options you have in regards to this.

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