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San Diego, California, otherwise known as the City by the Bay has been one of the most beautiful cities in the world. The reason for this is because it is surrounded by the ocean. The city built its parameters around the bay as well basing many of its attractions around it. From outdoor activities that include leisure trips to the beaches, lakes, trails and many other, San Diego’s scenery and landscapes make it one of the top U.S. cities to visit and experience.


San Diego, California

San Diego, California


San Diego also contains the largest U.S. Navy base found in the West Coast with a population of 20, 000 naval personnel and 10, 000 civilians. In fact 20 percent of San Diego’s economy is linked to the U.S. Navy, wherein major companies contract defense supplies to the Navy. This gives the idea that another major economic trade in San Diego has majority to do with the ocean. This is where shipping comes in. Being surrounded by Ocean, one of San Diego’s biggest forms of trading is done through the transportation of goods and products all around the nation as the many ports of San Diego act as the hub for the transportation.

San Diego Auto Transport Quotes

In automobile transportation done by shipping, San Diego boasts one of the world’s best transportation services as living by the bay has been one of San Diego’s biggest economic trades. Whether the shipment is outgoing or incoming, San Diego’s shipping prowess is top notch as the companies have been shipping automobiles such as trucks, cars, and motorcycles for what seems like an eternity.  From shipping for individuals, corporations and military, the shipping lines of San Diego will transport almost everything to the different ports nationwide.

The service normally will take a minimum of five days to a maximum of ten days depending on where the destination is in the U.S. Rush orders are also very possible except customers have to pay more in requiring this service. Also, in using this service, the customers must actually do a few things in preparation for this service. The first step is for them to plan forward. Moving takes a lot of time and planning so that the necessary transport and delivery is arranged. From picking up your car at home to the actual shipping then another delivery is arranged when the car arrives in its destination. There are also limitations or restrictions to having cars shipped. An example would be that the car should not contain more than 100 lbs of personal belongings as anything more will require extra payment.

Getting Quotations are a process to be taken seriously as there are many modes of payment that are accepted in using San Diego shipping lines to transport cars and other automobiles. Most shipping lines accept payments from Electronic Checks, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, and other credit card companies. The car owners also have the option of paying the deposit and have the remainder balance paid upon delivery. This is all up to them as they choose which benefits them the most or which they prefer and believe is the best mode of payment.

Here is a list of ten of San Diego’s top shipping lines and how customers may get quotations for shipping their automobiles to another destination in the U.S.

  1. A2B Systems Inc is an auto trader company that hails from Jeffersonville, Kentucky. This service has a hauling option that is both open and enclosed and is one of the most reliable services as they have a very good reputation based on their 17 year longevity as well as their high A+BBB rating.
  2.  Able Auto Transport is hailed as one of the safest services around. This Kahoka, Missouri-based auto transporter carries insurance which helps to pay for any unforeseen damages that may happen in the transporting process.
  3. Amerifreight is a company that services both military and civilian customers as well as to provide shipping that goes overseas. This service is beneficial for those who require transportation to other countries.
  4. Autobahn USA Inc. is a transport service that deals mostly with high end automobiles. Most owners of high end automobiles have the requirement to hire the service that will keep the luxury car safe. More times than not, the owner will have no problems paying for the extra cost that this service requires.
  5. Auto Transport 123 has established themselves as an up and coming player in the field of auto transport as they have built their service around guaranteeing that all of the vehicles are delivered in one trip.
  6. B&T Auto Transport ships cars nationwide as well as to Guam and Hawaii.
  7.  Bluestar Auto Movers distinguish themselves from their competitors by offering door to door services as well terminal-to-terminal services as well as ship to Hawaii and Puerto Rico. Bluestar Auto movers hail from Lauderdale Lakes, Florida.
  8. Cosmos Auto Transport is a BBB rated company. This is a high enough rating considering that the company is small yet are still one of the top services as they guarantee a shipment of less than ten days no matter anywhere in the U.S.
  9. Direct Express hails from San Rafael, CA and is one of the bigger shipping services. They boast that they complete nearly 90% of their shipments in a week and which lead to over 21, 000 vehicles per year.
  10. National Car Transport is service provider that is known for shipping not only automobiles but motorcycles, boats and other types of vehicles to anywhere in the U.S.


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