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We understand the stress and hassle of moving from one state to another. This is especially worrisome if you are moving across the country. Not only do you have to figure out how you are going to transport your houses contents across a lot of land, but you will also have to get your vehicles to your new home.

You’ll need to choose a method of transportation that will occur quickly and safely without causing headaches and other issues. Picking a reliable auto transport company in Los Angeles is vital for taking part of the stress out of your vehicle transportation process.

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Los Angeles (LA) California

Los Angeles (LA) California

Frequently Asked Questions


Is My Vehicle Insured During Transportation?

Yes, drivers are required to have a cargo insurance policy that ensures that your car is fully insured for any collision or accident. This means that if anything happens to your vehicle during its transportation or during the load/unload procedures, it will be fully insured and covered under the driver’s insurance policy. You will not be responsible for a deductible if this occurs. Sometimes there are certain exclusions to a driver’s insurance policy such as crashes that are caused due to natural conditions or road debris. You can have your own personal coverage through your insurance plan.



How Long Does It Take To Get There?

Carriers typically allow you 1-3 days of notice before they come and pick up the vehicle.

Once the vehicle is on the road during transportation there will be a number of variables that come into play when calculating the estimated travel time. Weather, road conditions, and traffic patterns will all have an effect on the amount of time it takes for the vehicle to get to its new location.

Coast to coast transportation: about 7-10 days
North to south: about 5-7 days

Your auto transport company will be able to give you a time frame.

Estimates and rate quotes may vary depending on how long it will take them to deliver your vehicle. You may be able to negotiate or choose a lower rate depending on their wait time.

Do They Pick Up My Vehicle and Deliver It Directly To My New Location?

Yes, most carriers have door to door service where they schedule the pick-up of your vehicle at your current residence and then deliver it directly to your new residence wherever that may be. The only exceptions would be if it is difficult for the carriers to maneuver the large truck in small streets.

Drivers can meet in a parking lot nearby and work to meet your needs.

Certain metro areas have laws that restrict drivers from taking large carrier trucks through. You may have to arrange to meet in the closest legal spot.

Can I Pack My Vehicle With Some Of My Items?

You will have to discuss this with your auto transport company. Some cargo insurance policies only insure the vehicle and this means it may not include personal items.

Also, the Department of Transportation only licenses carriers to transport the vehicle and not goods or personal items. Drivers can be fined if they are caught in possession of their client’s personal items. Some drivers let you put 100 lbs of your items in the trunk. You’ll have to discuss this with the driver that is transporting your car.

Los Angeles Auto Transport Quotes

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Tips for Success

  • What does the rate include? – When you are choosing an auto transport company, you will see a varying rate. Make sure you research and take into consideration what each different rate includes. Be cautious of rates that are significantly lower than other rates; some companies under quote the actual rates that they charge.
  • Sign a contract to protect your vehicle – Make sure the contract discusses the insurance, shipping rates, and estimated pickup times so you are completely protected as a customer.
  • Before they pick it up – Before the auto transport company arrives to pick up your vehicle, you need to remember a few things. First, you should take all of your valuables out of the car. Most auto transport companies are not responsible for items that are lost or stolen during transportation because their insurance policies do not cover this. Drivers aren’t licensed to carry your goods, either. Some companies want you to take the antenna off of your vehicle before they pick it up.
  • Fuel tank – Some companies will require you to have a gas tank that is less than a quarter-tank full. Make sure you take a look at the requirements for this before you hire an auto transport company.


Los Angeles Resources

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Los Angeles Information

L.A. is a beautiful city in California known as the City of Angels and better-known for Hollywood, Los Angeles. Home to over 3.5 million people, it is the 2nd most populated city in the United States. 500 miles of cityscape puts L.A. as the most interesting and prominent feature in Southern California.

Great colleges, a variety of entertainment, and numerous fashion and media outlets are just a few of Los Angeles’s offerings. In order to get around to these points of interest, you will want to have your own personal vehicle. You can also look into other methods of public transportation or cabs to get around locally in the city.

Moving to Los Angeles

Moving to Los Angeles could mean headache. You definitely want to consider an auto transport company in Los Angeles if you are going to be moving a vehicle into the city. LA is known for its complex and overcrowded traffic systems.

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